Protect Yourself from License Plate Theft

License plate theft can happen anywhere - parking lots, the mall, even in your driveway. What's worse - stolen license plates are often associated with other crimes, such as car theft, burglary and car registration fraud. To stop thieves in their tracks, police recommend taking a few simple precautions…

CAM Proudly Sponsors Michael Lewis Racing

Passion for cars runs deep here.  We like new cars, old cars, big cars, and small cars.  We also like supporting our local community, which is why we're proud to sponsor Orange County native Michael Lewis and his #98 Porsche GT3.

Michael if from Laguna Beach, California, and has raced everything from open wheel Formula cars, to dirt track cars.  In 2011, Michael was invited to test the Ferrari F1 car for Scuderia Ferrari.

For more information about Michael Lewis, please check out the links below: