Protect Yourself from License Plate Theft


Don’t give thieves a license to steal

License plate theft can happen anywhere - parking lots, the mall, even in your driveway. What's worse - stolen license plates are often associated with other crimes, such as car theft, burglary and car registration fraud.

To stop thieves in their tracks, police recommend taking a few simple precautions:


1. Know your license plate number & check it routinely.

When is the last time you looked at your license plate? Make a habit of checking your license plate and registration tags for signs of tampering.



2. If you can remove it with a screwdriver, it’s not secure.

To deter license plate theft, police departments recommend using anti-theft license plate security screw caps. Once installed, these caps require a special process to remove.



3. Stop stacking registration tags.

A stack of registration stickers makes an easy target for a thief with a razor blade. Law enforcement officers suggest placing the current sticker directly on your plate, and scoring the sticker with horizontal and vertical cuts so that it cannot peel off easily in one piece.