Nitrogen Tire Valve Stem Cap Set


Protect & enhance your investment in nitrogen technology with Nitrogen Tire Valve Stem Caps from CAM Inc., premier accessories supplier to top automakers.

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Product Description

The Nitrogen Indicator Tire Valve Caps from Camisasca Automotive Manufacturing were designed to protect your investment in nitrogen technology and enhance your look without inferring with Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) or wheel balance.

Each cap is crafted from exterior-grade ABS plastic for ultimate compatibility with alloy valve stems and is finished in your choice of Chrome, Satin Silver, or Black.

The green Nitrogen Indicator Graphic is coated with the same crystal clear, fade and scratch proof, protective doming used on our OEM products.

An inner o-ring seal helps keep the valve orifice clean and the knurled head design allows easy on and off access without the need for a special wrench.


  • Set of 4 valve stem caps with distinct green Nitrogen graphic.
  • Fits any standard air valve stem.
  • Choice of finish: Chrome, Satin Silver or Black.
  • Compatible with Vehicle Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS).
  • Inner o-ring seal ensures a clean valve orifice.
  • Knurled head provides grip and allows for easy installation and removal without a wrench.
  • Guaranteed for a minimum of 4 years of exterior use.